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ZKart Review

Why Did Madhav Dutta, Milan Thakur & Sameer Joshi Create ZKart?

Are you struggling to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates?

If this is the case, then perhaps it is time to consider using a new platform to build your shopping carts.

Regardless of whether you sell physical or digital products online, there’s one thing you might not be thinking about often enough when it comes to your overall sales.

In fact, this thing could be causing you to lose sales without you even knowing about it.

Any guesses as to what that thing might be?

Well, if you guess the shopping cart, then you’re correct!

Think about it. You spend countless hours and often times quite a few marketing dollars to get potential customers to your online store. But once they’ve reached that final destination, what happens next?

Even if your website is phenomenal with the best possible user experience, it’s all for nothing if your shopping cart is shoddy.

Because potential customers don’t like to have to deal with dysfunctional shopping carts – and if they have a poor experience with your shopping cart page, they’ll likely never come back again.

Which means a sale lost for you – and you’re not alone. It’s estimated that the average business or online shop loses approximately 40% or more of their sales due to non-optimized, dysfunctional shopping carts.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem – ZKart ….

What Is ZKart?

A fully customizable, integrate-able, and powerful shopping cart platform, ZKart is taking the market by storm and revolutionizing the way business owners and markers – just like you – sell their products online.

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How ZKart Works?

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ZKart Features:

** Any online seller searching for the best e-commerce platform should start by researching the key features each platform provides. So, which are the features to expect after the launch of ZKart?

** The developers claim that the platform will provide numerous features that will help reduce the money and time you spend on your marketing part.

** The developers believe that the platform is easier to use and anyone, including the beginners, will use it without feeling as if they are missing something. You can move items around if you need a different visual appeal, including during your first use.

** Moreover, you will not need to be present throughout the day to monitor the performance of your e-commerce shop. The users require a few hours to organize everything and then watch the platform working around the clock to heighten the number of conversions.

** After the launch, merchants will have more choices when it comes to the platform’s online front.

** The developers have ensured that the platform is compatible with other e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

** You can switch from any other platform – you can transfer an entire Shopify store to the new platform effortless within a few seconds.

** An ecommerce shopping cart like ZKart simplifies the payment making process by acting as a facilitator between the payment gateways and the main website. It also acts as a caretaker of the customers, helping them to find their way to various facilities.

** A well-constructed website with ZKart caters well to the needs of the customers, which boosts its usability and improve its ranking on search engines.

** A digital ZKart betters the efficiency of an e-store, providing rich and unparalleled user experience to the online consumers.

** Making payments using ZKart is simple and straightforward. Customers aren’t required to pay separately for each product. They can simply determine the total and pay it once.

** There is no doubt that ZKart is the most wonderful gift by the technology. The comfort factor simply wins the heart. Above all, the way it benefits an online business and its growth is simply amazing.

Vendor Features

  • Beautiful High Converting Sales Pages
  • Paypal Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Authorize.net
  • RazorPay Integration
  • Email Integrations
  • Split Pay
  • Partner/JV Contracts
  • Customizable Checkout Pages
  • Customizable Checkout Pop-Ups
  • Customizable Checkout Form Embed
  • Vendor-Branded Affiliate Links check
  • Integrated Licensing System
  • Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  • Fully Customizable Transactional Emails
  • 1-Click Payment Testing
  • Order Bumps
  • Coupon Codes
  • Shipping/Fulfillment Integration
  • Demographics*
  • Uptime Monitoring*
  • Instant Commissions
  • Custom Commission % per Affiliate
  • Campaign / Sub-ID Tracking
  • Affiliate Program
  • Single Sign-In
  • Affiliate Account check
  • Manual & Auto-Approval Options
  • Promotional Material Area
  • Vendor Stats & Notifications
  • Affiliate Stats & Notifications
  • Affiliate Request/Approval

ZKart Features

ZKart Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1. What is ZKart exactly?

  • ZKart is the world most powerful and versatile online cart platform.
  • With ZKart, you can sell products online (both digital and physical), create gobsmackingly beautiful pages and funnels, manage affiliate and a lot more.

Question #2. Does ZKart help manage affiliates?

  • Yes! The affiliate platform included in ZKart powers thousands of customers affiliate campaigns every day!

Question #3. How does the code system work?

  • The more the codes you get, the more pages, funnels and stores you can have.

Question #4. Is ZKart different from XFunnels?

  • Yes, these are two totally different products. ZKart is an online cart platform, built specifically for buying and selling products, managing affiliates etc.
  • It does use pages and funnels (which is also what XFunnels does), and the pages have the one and only purpose, which is to display and sell products.
  • XFunnels obviously also has page and funnel building capability but it is not designed only for the purpose of selling products. It can do a lot more other things, but not everything that ZKart can.

Question #5. I already have XFunnels. Should I buy this?

  • Ok, this is an often-asked and a really good question.
  • You get with ZKart a powerful page and funnel builder, just like the one in XFunnels.
  • You, however, will not get all the templates that come along with XFunnels as ZKart has its own templates.

Question #6. Does ZKart integrate with my solution?

  • ZKart integrates with all the top autoresponders, membership platforms, and software in your marketing stack.
  • We also integrate with Zapier, which allows you to connect with hundreds of additional services.
  • If the apps you use are not included in the ones we integrate with, be sure to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to take a look and check if it is a good fit for sure

Question #7. What payment processors does ZKart currently work with?

  • We integrate quickly and easily with Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net and allow you to integrate multiple accounts of each, as well as accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Support for even more payment processors is also being considered. (So it is best for you to secure your access now, while you still can).

Question #8. Do I have to pay any other fees?

  • You will never be charged monthly, yearly or percentage-based fees from us if you purchase this limited lifetime license.
  • You may be charged fees by your payment processor as applicable.

Question #9. Does ZKart handle sales tax calculation?

  • ZKart calculates and charges the correct percentage of sales tax on top of your customers’ order based on their location and rules that apply. It provides you with a report and records appropriate information about the order. (Meaning you don’t have to pay for a service like Taxamo separately)

Question #10. Will you keep ZKart updated?

  • We have a strong roadmap of new features in place and a dedicated team that works tirelessly to make ZKart better and better.
  • We have many new features planned and your lifetime license gives you access to those new features, at no extra cost.

Question #11. Does ZKart Secure Success URLs mean I can integrate my membership site easily?

  • Yes, our secure URL technology means most membership sites will work great with ZKart even if we have not yet added one-click integration.
  • (We are adding more and more one-click integrations over the coming months)

Question #12. Is ZKart GDPR compliant?

  • Yes. We offer you the ability to add a checkbox to receive consent to send marketing emails, the ability to add additional terms in the footer, the ability to clear our customer data, and much more to ensure that you can stay GDPR compliant.

Question #13. Is this lifetime offer really limited?

  • Yes, this offer the way you see it on this page is a Zaxtra-exclusive offer and we will not offer this anywhere else as you see it here. Also, this is a time-limited offer and will be gone when codes are sold out.

Question #14. Will ZKart account always be a one-time fee?

  • Absolutely not. ZKart will move to a recurring fee basis when this limited time offer is over and can be purchased from the vendor’s homepage.

Question #15. What if I get stuck? Do you provide support?

  • Absolutely! And we’d love to support you and help you get your online education business to the next level. You can contact our friendly Support at any time and we’ll be glad to help.

Users Are Happy With ZKart:

ZKart Upsells OR UPGRADES:

OTO 1: ZKart Unlimited Silver– $97

OTO 2: VIP Coaching Mastermind– $197

We Are Offering This VIP Mastermind And Business Training & Coaching At A VERY AFFORDABLE Price To The First 100 People Who Join….

***Exclusive Access To Business Trainings:

  • These are not software tool tutorials but real business trainings

***Exclusive Access To VIP Mastermind:

  • This Is A Group Of Motivated Entrepreneurs – Just Like You

***Unlimited Access To Training:

  • These Are Provided Over Many Weeks, One-At-A-Time, And You Can Access Them Anytime.

***Live Q&A Sessions:

  • Get Real-Time Answers To Your Questions In Live Q&A Sessions With The Coaches & Mastermind.

***Personal Access To Coaches:

  • Interact & Chat With Your Coaches One-on-One And Help Them Help You.

OTO 3: ZKart Reseller– $197-$297-$497

Here’s How To Unlock A Brand New Income Stream of Profits Starting In The Next 24 Hours…

***You sign up for the ZKart Reseller Edition right now

***You’ll choose the amount of licenses you want to resell:

  • We’ll give you your own account in the ZKart Reseller dashboard
  • With this, you’ll be able to add your own users and manage all of your own customers

***You’ll get all the sales materials (nothing for you to create):

  • There’s nothing for you to create. We’ll hand you all the sales materials we use personally to sell access to ZKart. That means you’ll get the sales page, the video sales letter, and more. Just plug your own information with your own links and you’re all set. (We’ll show you how to do this)

***We’ll handle all the support:

  • If there’s any technical issues, you won’t have to ever get involved. We’ll make sure ZKart is working for all of your customers. You only need to handle promotions and we’ll handle the rest!

ZKart Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why You should Get ZKart?

Z Kart is for you if:

  • You’re a consultant.
  • You’re an entrepreneur.
  • You’re a physical product seller and your products require shipping.
  • You’re running a membership site and sell subscription products.
  • You’re a digital marketing agency that runs campaigns for other businesses.

With its amazing feature, ZKart lets you:

  • Create Beautiful Stores and sell your way.
  • Follow Up With Cart Abandoners
  • Split Test Your Way To Make More Profits
  • Integrate With Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Fully-Customized Checkout Pages
  • Automated Affiliate Management System
  • Bump Offers
  • One-Click Upsells and much more…
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