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InfiniShop Review

Who Are The People Behind InfiniShop?

Kurt Chrisler is the man behind InfiniShop, WP ShopAzon, Insta Ecom Express and many more.

Why Did Kurt Create InfiniShop?

Everyone knows that Amazon is the giant of ecom and everyone wants their piece of the pie.

Yet, the majority of affiliates fail in their efforts and here’s the problem;

  • Amazon has over 400 million products available to sell so how do you choose the right products to sell on your site?
  • And how do you keep those products on your site up to date?
  • And what happens if your visitor comes your site and doesn’t find the product they want?

See these are the issues that are holding you back from having success with Amazon affiliate program.

Well, I should say they were because how would you like to eliminate all of those problems in under 60 seconds?

Well, that’s exactly what you can do with InfiniShop Plugin….

What Is InfiniShop?

The Infini Shop software takes store builders to the next level because the InfiniShop software will automatically allow you to sell every single product on Amazon on your site so there is no need for you to pick specific products and try to figure out which ones to sell.

The software will automatically update every single one of those products each time a visitor lands on your site and if a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t find what they’re looking for well, InfiniShop will allow your visitor to search amazon in real time right from your site to find exactly the product they want….

so no more lost commissions because a visitor comes your site and can’t find the product they want and if all of that wasn’t enough, you also have the option of adding an “affiliate store” to your site and InfiniShop will automatically add the content, add the images, add your affiliate link right to every product and add related videos.

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How InfiniShop Plugin Works?

It provides you with the best of both worlds in one incredibly easy to use plug-in and how easy is it to use? well, let me show you;

So Kurt is just here at a demo site he has set up and you can see he is building a site based around laptop so he wants to sell the top laptops on Amazon, but the problem is at this point, he would need to go out try to figure out which ones to sell, try to figure out what which ones are the top sellers at the world in his site and worry about updating them and all of that so he is going to show you how quickly and easy the InfiniShop software takes care of all of that.

So, he is gonna go to the homepage and all he simply needs to do is paste in a simple shortcode, add a little text, hit update and now, after pasting in that shortcode, the plug-in will go out and found all of the top-selling laptops for Kurt….it is that simple and we can actually again click load more and it is going to continue to load more and more Amazon products because again it allows you to promote every single product Amazon sells so your visitor could sit here and continue to look through all the different products available until they find something that interests them.

The other problem again people have is what if they weren’t actually looking for a laptop? well, again this allows them to search Amazon in real time so maybe they are actually more interested in a tablet so they can simply type in tablet, hit search and it’s going to allow them to do a real-time search of Amazon products, it’s gonna bring back all of the related products and again, they can sit here and continue to view more and more so it just basically creates an endless affiliate store for you that promotes every product on Amazon so you could make sure somebody coming to your site actually finds the product they want and you don’t have to spend any time deciding which products to put on your site so of course that is an unbelievable feature to have.

But what the software also lets you do is add an affiliate store to your site so if we go to the backend of our site, another feature of the plugin is we can add individuals products.

Let’s say; I want to add Chromebooks so I would just simply type in Chrome and I can process a keyword and the plugin will go out and bring back related Amazon products for that keyword and from here, I can simply choose products I want to add to my site, I can edit the title of them so maybe I want to shorten them down or even change something up, I can schedule them for a future date and I can also choose a category but again, all you need to do is put a checkbox by the products you want to add, hit add to posts and the plug-in will go out and add those products to your site so now if we go back to the site, we can see that the software has now created an affiliate store for us as well so we can click on the store and again here we can list individual products we want to sell and again the software brings in all of the information for you.

So if we look at one of these, we have all the different images brought in, we have the title we have the price which automatically updates, we have a Buy button which will take them to Amazon with your affiliate link, it brings in the description, it also brings in all the additional information as well and lastly, it will bring in a related YouTube video as well so again everything is taken care of.

InfiniShop Features:

Let’s have a closer look inside The features of this powerful new software:

InfiniShop Features

InfiniShop Reviews:

Let’s have a look on What People say About Infini Shop & The creator’s others tools:

InfiniShop OTO OR Upsells:

OTO 1: InfiniShop PRO – $37

How would you like to 4x the results you’re getting from your InfiniShop sites?

Well, you can do just that with InfiniShop pro version.

While amazon is the top ecommerce site, they don’t always have every product, the best price or even the best commission rate and not to mention in order to use them, you first need to get approved for the Amazon API so InfiniShop pro lets you fill your store with products from five sites instead of one.

So instead of just adding Amazon products to your site, you’re gonna be able to add affiliate products from eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress and Commission Junction.

Now by giving you the option of using these four different sites, it’s also a great option for those waiting to get approved by Amazon so while you wait for Amazon to approve your application, you can use any of these four to get your site set up today.

In addition to that, you’re also going to get the WordPress theme that the creator uses on all of his InfiniShop sites.

OTO 2: Infini Shop Agency License – $47

With the developers license, you can start using this software on your client’s sites, you can flip the sites that you create or you can even set up a service where you go ahead and make these for others who want sites for themselves…..

There are plenty of people out there who just simply want to get in on having affiliate sites and they don’t simply don’t know how to set them up and with the InfiniShop plugin, you can set one up in literally a couple of minutes and you can turn around and sell it for easy hundred-dollar paydays again and again so again this is just a very easy way to start creating some immediate income while you get your own passive sites going by simply setting these up, go to flippa site and sell the sites to others who just want completely done for them affiliate sites.

And with the developer’s license, you can turn around and quickly sell these sites so for those who want to make some immediate income with their sites or even for those down the road thinking once their site starts making some money and they want to sell it for a larger payday, you have that option as well with the developers license.

OTO 3: InfiniShop DFY – $67

InfiniShop plugin is very easy to set up and The creators give full instructions on how to use it. However, there are some users who would prefer to just have it all done for them so the creators have a done-for-you option.

Now, with the done-for-you option; you just let the creators know what products you would like your site built on and they will build the entire shop for you so They will go ahead, install the plugin, insert the shortcode where it needs to be, add related products to your site and basically They will just give you back a completely done for you shop that is ready to go so you can basically skip all the setup and work of putting it together.

InfiniShop Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why You should Get InfiniShop?

In a matter of seconds, you can create an affiliate site that sells every product on Amazon and also has an affiliate store attached to it.

You get the best of both worlds and again, it’s all done with just pasting a new shortcode and a couple clicks and you’re all set and I know some of you may be wondering; does this require the Amazon API? and yes, it does.

Now, I know that a lot of people have had issues getting approved by Amazon and getting the API so Kurt has actually put a guide everyone who gets the InfiniShop software will get access to it and what this course does is it basically simplifies the process of number one getting approved for an Amazon Associates account so what you need, how you should build a site and he will walk you through all of the steps and then, it also takes you through after you get approved by Amazon, how do you get access to the API, he is gonna walk you through that process as well because again Kurt wants you to have as much success as possible with the software so he is gonna help you get approved for an Amazon Associates account and also get access to the product advertising API so again you’re gonna get the software, you’re gonna get that guide and you can have your site set up ready to go and earning more commissions so if you’re ready to take your Amazon affiliate marketing to the next level, go ahead and grab your copy.


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