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1-Click Niche Site Builder Review And MY MASSIVE 1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus

If you are looking for a honest 1-Click Niche Site Builder Review, you have come to the right place.

I Made an in Depth Review of 1-Click Niche Site Builder Plugin to get Full Picture of it, its features, it’s creator OJ and how this Brand New PLUGIN will allow you to Build Traffic Ready Money Websites In 60 Seconds!

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1-Click Niche Site Builder Review

Who Are The People Behind 1-Click Niche Site Builder?

OJ James is the man behind 1-Click Niche Site Builder, Vid Siphon, Content Siphon and many more.

Why Did OJ Create 1-Click Niche Site Builder?

I’m sure we can all agree that one of the best ways to make money online is to launch an affiliate niche site but here’s the thing; it takes a ton of time to manually install and set up the site with all the right plugins, articles and content.

What if I told you that with just one click of your mouse you can have a completely done-for-you traffic ready money-making niche site within 60 seconds or less, saving you time and money?

Think about it….the faster you can launch a niche site, the better you can start driving traffic and potentially make some money.

It’s plain and simple…slow progress means no success.

If you’re not using the right tools for your site building, you’ll be left behind so you need a system that works in your favor without you having to neglect all your other important tasks.

That is where 1-Click Niche Site Builder Plugin comes into play…..

What Is 1-Click Niche Site Builder?

With one Click Niche Site Builder, You’ll be able to create a 100% fully GDPR compliant traffic ready money site in under 60 seconds, 24/7 like clockwork as soon as you click activate.

It’s as easy as ABC…

Step 1:

  • Press one click to find other fast ranking, low competition keywords

Step 2:

  • Get your site launched instantly with relevant video, articles and your affiliate links

Step 3:

  • Get your site shared across all the major social networks bringing in traffic and potential profits as well

Step 4:

  • With one click, create all your terms and conditions pages, other GDPR pages to protect your Commissions and online business

Step 5:

  • Is not even a step because it’s so fast and easy to do.

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to instant money site building success.

==>(1-Click Niche Site Builder Review Video)<==

How 1-Click Niche Site Builder Plugin Works?

==> Watch 1-Click Niche Site Builder Demo Video To Get The Whole Idea<==

Let’s See How one Click Niche Site Builder works in action:

So here I am inside the interface…so let’s say; I was doing the Fatloss niche….I simply click search and if you notice, I’m in the simple mode which allows you to just get a listing of top keywords that you can use to generate content.

I simply click generate content and it will go out and create all the necessary posts and install necessary plugins for me and create necessary content.

If I go to the Advanced Mode, you’ll see a little bit more happening….. You can choose between different content sources; between Wikipedia and ezinearticles, you can choose to post now, you can choose to schedule, you can put the intervals in terms of the hours, number of posts to be done.

Let’s say, I want to use a keyword again five rows….I can put multiple keywords.

In fact, I can choose to include video to spin the content, assign the generated articles to a category which I don’t have at the moment, you can also include your promotional affiliate links and post various social medias as well so a new click search will give you the various related keywords based on the keywords that we have entered above….we simply click generate and the plug-in will go and create all the necessary content we may need with all the various information as well.

If we go to the settings for 1-Click Niche Site Builder plugin, you can input your social media accounts for Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, reddit, blogger, you can also add your promotional links as well multiple promotional links if you want, you simply save that so it rotates.

And what I love about one Click Niche Site Builder is that you are able to create the GDPR settings as well to protect your Commissions.

You don’t need to install any additional plug-in, everything is incorporated in this one plug-in.

You can create your cookie permissions, you can use default text and you can edit as well, you can use pixabay to add an image as well.

It also has the terms and conditions page, the privacy policy so it not only creates the Commission site, but it protects your Commission’s as well.

1-Click Niche Site Builder Features:

*** Fetches “money” TARGETED keywords content & videos for your “Money Keywords”:

  • You can use a “normal keyword” like “paleo diet”, if you want. Even better, you can use a keyword like “product name” or “product name review”.
  • For example, use the keyword “Fat Diminisher review” and have the plugin populate your site with review videos about this product. Then, you can promote that very product in those posts.

*** Publishes your posts when you are ready:

  • You can schedule the posts, post them immediately or save them as drafts.
  • Promotional Links Rotator to randomly embed your affiliate links in your content
  • Let’s your site go viral for massive traffic across multiple social network sites like Facebook,Blogger, Reddit, Twitter, WordPress,Tumblr
  • 1 Click GDPR Setup to promote your sales & commissions

1-Click Niche Site Builder Reviews:

Let’s have a look on What People say About one Click Niche Site Builder & The creator’s others tools:

Seems to be a good way to get content in on a number of topics. This should help when trying to compete in a tight market but reaching out to different audiences.
Christopher L Smith
Looks Great lots of features to include the social abilities. Definitely looks like a great plugin all around to
include the content for blogs and silos.
Jeremy Grates
Finally a tool to help me manage my blogs and help build them out in a way that I can trust the content and not have to continually monitor and approve content In the niches I am working on. More important driving free hot traffic to my other ecommerce sites.
Jim Kreisman
I am a techie so I like working the techie side of business. While I know you can make money on the internet, I have not figured out how to let my business win big. This software would change that and more. I hope you select me as one of Me winners. What I am reading here would be on my purchase list anyway.
Richard Butler Jr
Finally, the last piece to my arsenal my blogs will explode
Christopher Brown
Being an agent for multiple companies in the MLM world, I’ve seen the impact of blogging and how it can drive traffic. I’ve known I’ve needed multiple blogs with fresh content and thus will kill 2 birds with one stone. I’m getting spun content and SE0 ranking with a few keystrokes for multiple sites!

Vashero Vaun Rodwell

1-Click Niche Site Builder OTO OR Upsells:

OTO 1: 1-Click Niche Site Builder Pro – $47

OTO 2: 1 Click Niche Site Builder – Traffik SERP – $27

 OTO 3: 1-Click Niche Site Builder- TraffiK Stealth – $27

OTO 4: 1-Click Niche Site Builder- 1 Click Azon – $27

1-Click Niche Site Builder Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why You should Get 1-Click Niche Site Builder?

As you can see; the 1-Click Niche Site Builder integrates all these different tools, no other plug-in for a site building incorporates all of these…..everything is created in one click.

There’s no other tool like this on the marketplace.

one Click Niche Site Builder not only helps you to launch your money sites faster, but it also installs all the necessary plugins without you having to do it yourself plus it also has 100% GDPR compliance built into the core so no need to install a separate plugin for that.

One Click Niche Site Builder is the ultimate tool for 2018 and beyond…..secure your copy today as you’re covered by the creator’s 30 days refund guarantee.


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Thanks a lot For Reading My 1-Click Niche Site Builder Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂